7 Tips to Manage Cash flow as a Consultant

cash flow for consultants


If you’re a consultant, you know that managing your cash flow can be a real challenge. It’s critical for you to know where you stand with your finance – how much money you have in your account, and how much will be coming in and the expenses you have in the near future. And while this may sound very simple, in practice it can be really hard. 

Maintaining a good cash flow is essential for consultants who want to achieve financial stability and success in their careers. Here we’ll be discussing some practical tips to help you manage your cash flow effectively. From creating a budget to invoicing and negotiating rates, we’ll explore the strategies that can make a real difference to your finances. Whether you’re a seasoned consultant or just starting out in the industry, these tips will help you stay on top of your finances and achieve your goals. So, let’s get started!

What is cash flow & why is it important to consultants?

Let me break it down for you – cash flow is simply the flow of money in and out of your business or personal finances. Now, if you’re a consultant, you know that managing your cash flow effectively is vital for the financial stability of your business. Keeping a positive cash flow is essential for covering your expenses and investing in your business. Without a healthy cash flow, you could find yourself struggling to pay bills, manage cash reserves, and grow your business. However, by keeping an eye on your cash flow and planning ahead, you can make informed decisions to improve your financial management and achieve long-term success.

7 Tips to manage cash flow better

In order to be successful in your consulting business, managing your cash flow is crucial. And here are some tips to help you:

  • Send out invoices promptly: Sending invoices on time is crucial to maintaining a healthy cash flow. The sooner you send an invoice, the sooner you will receive payment, allowing you to manage your finances better. However, more than often consultants struggle to find the right templates to create invoices. Here are three FREE invoice templates that we have out together just for freelancers like you.
  • Negotiate payment terms sensibly: When working as a consultant, it’s important to remember that you are running a business, and negotiating payment terms is a common practice. By asking for advance payment before you start out with your client project or requesting payment within a shorter timeframe, you can ensure a steady cash flow and minimize the risk of late payments. To avoid any confusion, it’s best to include terms & conditions that highlight the number of days in which the client needs to pay you, once the invoice has been sent. 
  • Separate business and personal accounts: Separating your personal finances from your business finances can help consultants streamline their accounting, cash flow, and taxes much better. By having separate accounts, it becomes easier to track and manage your business’s entire income and expenses, and in turn, manage your cash flow effectively.
    This is where a digital current account built specifically for consultants, offered by Open Flo in partnership with Axis Bank, can further simplify this process. It is tailored to meet the needs of consultants by addressing their main concerns, such as tracking payments and matching them to invoices, staying on top of bills, and providing a complete overview of cash flow.
  • Offer customers better payment options: Offering multiple payment options, UPI, Credit card, debit card, net banking, Bank transfers, etc and enabling partial payments for longer projects, can help minimize late payments from clients. By giving customers flexibility in how they pay, they are more likely to make payments on time and in full, which will help maintain a steady cash flow for your business.
  • Track payments and bills: Having a comprehensive view of invoices that are received, those that are due, and bills that require payment is crucial for effective cash flow management. By keeping track of these items, you can ensure that you are getting paid on time, avoid late fees and penalties, and have a better understanding of the financial health of your business.
  • Access to business loans: When running a business with just a few customers, a single late payment can have a significant impact on your cash flow. At the same time, you would face problems in getting business loans as you might not have all the documents in place to showcase the performance of your business. However, with Open Flo, once you start using the platform consistently, you can access collateral-free loans up to 30 lakhs. Thus supplementing your cash flow enough to run your operations smoothly.
  • Use software to simplify cash flow: The right software can simplify cash flow management like never before. This is possible because it will help you bring all your invoices & bills & payments – in one place. As a result, tracking payment dues, and automating payment reconciliation, becomes a breeze. Such automated platforms can go a long way into saving you a ton of time and reducing errors, thus allowing you to focus on things that really matter – growing your business.

How Open Flo Can Help You Maximize Your Business’s Potential

To sum up, effective cash flow management is crucial for consultants looking to attain financial stability and success. And that’s why we built OPEN Flo, a digital banking platform designed especially for consultants. It empowers consultants like you to:

  • Access a completely digital current account that comes with integrated everyday business tools
  • Manage all your invoices & bills in one place 
  • Track your business payments & expenses easily 
  • Categorize invoices & bills and get a better overview of your cash flow and much more! 

Digital Banking Platform for consultants

With all these measures in place, you can focus on maximising revenue, controlling expenses and taking control of your business. 

So, say goodbye to piles of invoices and endless spreadsheets, and hello to streamlined financial management

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